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Certification LEED, BREEAM

  • What is the certification of sustainable buildings

    Environmental certification of buildings is essentially independent audit of buildings in various stages of their life cycle. Certification is voluntary and operates as a transparent proof of the quality of buildings and its environmental impact and human health performance. For public buildings there is a trend to require a mandatory environmental certification (e.g. in Germany or USA).

    Environmental certification of buildings was originally formed at national levels, such as LEED certification in the United States or BREEAM in the UK, The current trend is the spread of certain certification schemes outside the national borders to global level.

    There is basic difference between certifications for new buildings that directly audit building design and construction process, and certifications for existing buildings, which affect and audit performance and processes in buildings.

  • OPTIMAL Engineering and sustainable buildings

    OPTIMAL Engineering is an active and involved member of the Czech Green Building Council. Our authorized engineers are experienced in providing support for sustainable buildings certifications in all fields related to Mechanical and Electrical systems including the whole building energy simulation in project's design phase or the energy audits according to ASHRAE methodology for existing buildings. In cooperation with other Accredited Professionals OPTIMAL provides also complete management for the certification process in rating systems such as LEED or BREEAM.

    Recently, two of our projects received LEED Platinum certification, being among the first three in Czech Republic.

    The CASE STUDIES below illustrate the benefits of the environmental certification and contribution of our engineers to the success of specific projects:

    CITY GREEN COURT (new construction 2012)

    QUBIX 4 Praha (reconstruction 2012)

    Jupiter Building (existing building)

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